XXVII International Association for Caribbean Archaeology

St. Croix, US Virgin Islands July 23-29, 2017

Several tours will be available for Saturday, July 29. The cost for each tour is not included in the registration fee. Costs will posted soon, although all tours will include a box lunch. If you have specific dietary needs, please let us know.

1) A Tour of Forts: This tour will leave from Divi Carina and will visit the three historic forts on St. Croix, including Fort Christenvaern in Christiansted, Fort Sale at Salt River, and Fort Frederik in Frederiksted.

2) Special Visit to the Anderson Collection: This tour will provide a visit to the Folmer Anderson Collection and other NPS holdings at Fort Chrisianvaern, the St. Croix Archaeology Museum, and then an in depth look at Salt River.

3) Walking Tour of Historic Architecture in Christiansted: A walking tour of Christiansted looking at both the commercial/high status area and Free Gut, an area set aside for the “Free Colored” at the creation of Christiansted.

4) Visits to Historic Plantations: This tour will visit several historic plantation complexes throughout the island, including the Estate St. George (St. George Village Botanical Garden), Estate Whim, and Estate Little La Grange, now the Carl and Marie Lawaetz Museum.

5) Snorkeling at Buck Island: Visit one of the territory’s most stunning coral reefs at the Buck Island Reef National Monument. Tours will leave from Christiansted and will be arranged through Big Beard’s Adventures.

6) St. John and St. Thomas: This tour will take guests from St. Croix to St. Thomas and St. John via the territory’s newest ferry. The ferry is awaiting approval, but we believe it will be approved before IACA. Tour participants will check out of Divi and take their luggage to the ferry that will take you to the National Park Service in St. John early on Saturday. Participants will tour the Virgin Islands National Park with the NPS and spend Saturday night there. On Sunday, participants can either take the inter-island ferry to St. Thomas to the airport or stay an extra day and visit sites with the St. Thomas Historical Trust.

More details, including costs, will follow soon. To inquire about each tour, please contact David Hayes at david_hayes_stx@yahoo.com.



University of Alabama archaeologist Eric Stauder working in the shadow of an 18th century sugar mill near Christiansted.